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Our Process

Through our streamlined process, our professionals with The Plan Advocate at Independence Square Advisors can help you structure a retirement plan for you and your employees and monitor it as necessary. Our goal is to make sure you have the tools and information you need for informed decisions and our experienced retirement plan advisors are ready to help you leverage this information. We help you take advantage of the best practices that can benefit your plan, your participants, your business, and help satisfy your fiduciary duties.

The five essential components of our process are:

  1. The Plan Diagnostic — This is the first step in developing your plan. Together, we will benchmark and analyze your plan according to your company’s goals.
  2. The Plan Blueprint — Just as you wouldn’t build a building without a blueprint, you shouldn’t build a retirement strategy without a defined plan, either. Here, we lay out your service plan for the year.
  3. The Fiduciary Standard — As a fiduciary, we take responsibility for helping you define, monitor, and document the management of your plan.
  4. The Empowered Employee — Everyone benefits when an employee can retire on time. Every year an employee delays retirement can cost an employer $10,000.1 This is why we work to engage, educate, and strive to improve productivity through financial wellness programs.
  5. The Annual Evaluation — After developing a plan blueprint, we continually review, evaluate, and adjust the plan according to results and industry changes.

We understand that the world of retirement plans may seem overwhelming and finding an advisor that you trust is a personal process. At The Plan Advocate, we believe that we offer value to our clients because we are independent, experienced, and put an emphasis on building long-term relationships with our clients.