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Our Advantage

We understand that individuals and business owners may not fully understand the complexities of planning for retirement. We are committed to helping clients overcome this issue. We help business owners manage the process of selecting and implementing 401(k) packages. As 3(38) and 3(21) fiduciary advisors, we can help manage much of the liability and, in return, help mitigate the employer’s risk.

What is a 3(38) Fiduciary?

Our advisors can act as 3(38) investment managers, a special type of fiduciary who has been specifically appointed to have full discretionary authority and control to make investment decisions.

In the wake of the changing fiduciary rules in the financial industry, working with a 3(38) is a key distinction and core advantage to our clients. In the face of ever-increasing litigation and heightened regulatory scrutiny, many plan sponsors want this extra layer of risk management, especially if they are not comfortable making the plan’s investment decisions themselves.

Liability is a significant concern for many business owners. We assist with fiduciary risk management strategies, helping you keep your 401(k) or 403(b) plan in compliance with ever-changing regulations, and systematically monitoring your plan’s investment options. Our advisors can act as 3(38) investment managers, the highest level of fiduciary responsibility provided by ERISA.

Our Independence

As independent advisors, we don’t have the conflicts of interest associated with proprietary products. Instead, we are dedicated to providing unbiased and objective advice that is appropriate for the client. Rather than rely on one strategy or model portfolio, we customize each strategy based on the client’s individual needs.

We review client's’ current financial situations to determine if their goals are attainable. We offer feedback on challenges and detailed recommendations to help clients get on track and pursue their objectives. Once a strategy is in place, we continue to monitor progress and offer assistance as needed.

Plan sponsors no longer need to be concerned about pushback or being too paternalistic when it comes to helping employees plan and save for retirement. In fact, employees want more help from their employer. 88% of employees want employers to provide tools to help determine their retirement readiness, 80% believe employers should encourage them to contribute to their retirement plan, and more than 4 out of 5 employees would take their plan’s suggestion when determining a contribution rate.1

What are you waiting for?

1 “Employees Want Help Deciding How Much to Save” Stephen Miller, (5/21/2015)