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Financial Wellness

Rather than guess or make assumptions about our clients’ needs, we work through a defined assessment that we call our Financial Wellness Assessment to determine how a plan is performing and what changes need to be made. Employees have access to a personalized Financial Wellness Assessment to gauge their overall financial wellness and identify their key financial vulnerabilities. Individual responses are then consolidated to build a company-wide view.

Through our Financial Wellness Assessment, employers will receive an aggregated assessment that provides a detailed breakdown of your employee's:

  • Financial wellness
  • Key vulnerabilities
  • Key financial priorities by demographic
  • Key education needs
  • Immediate concerns
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the company’s education program
  • Employee engagement

Our goal is to help you and your employees feel empowered to improve their finances, both in the short and long-term. We can also work together to launch workshops that cover topics employees should know about or want to know about when saving for retirement.

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